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South Carolina

South Carolina

A taste of South Carolina – the food, the views and the low country hospitality.

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Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in the classroom, on the job and from my favorite books.



I’m a Montana girl through and through… a couple pieces that highlight the last best place.

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    POV: You just searched “best brunch in Columbia, SC”, and you’re overwhelmed with the variety of options this mid-sized city has to offer. Do I need a giant latte? Something for the grid – a mimosa flight, perhaps? Perhaps I want to splurge this morning, or maybe looking for options that don’t make my piggy […]
  • Cola Eats has Entered the Chat
    Cola Eats, one of the newest foodie blogs in South Carolina has entered the chat.
  • Must Eat Places in Telluride, Colorado
    Telluride, also known as To-Hell-You-Ride, is a beautiful ski town in southwest Colorado. This ski town houses some of the best restaurants I’ve ever experienced in the Rocky Mountains.