About Me

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Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m the mom of a French bulldog puppy, Phoebe.
  • BIG fan of Mexican food.
  • Aquarius (for whatever that means).
  • I am a Digital Marketing Coordinator for a Marketing Agency here in Columbia, SC.

About Me

No bullshit girl straight out of small town Montana. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned the hard way.

I get made fun of a lot — and it’s usually from myself. This is primarily because I do stupid things ie) learning everything the hard way.

I’m a firm believer that your degree is as good as you make it. If you rely solely on your classes and degree without any additional experience or research, it will be considerably harder to market yourself post-graduation. I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences outside the classroom that contributed to my education significantly more than any group project and I feel very strongly that all other students should have the same opportunity to learn.

Why “Shut Up Madi”

Why did I start this blog?

For starters, I have a lot to say — I would like to connect with other people my age who don’t quite have it figured out. I’ve been very fortunate to have had a lot of wonderful experiences and I want to share my story.

We’re all struggling through this thing called life and I think it’s so important to be authentic and transparent with your struggles. I’m not saying you should throw all your dirty laundry onto the internet, but I think it’s important to recognize your shortcomings and if possible, have a good laugh.

So… Shut Up Madi

Not only am I laughing at my shortcomings, I am totally capitalizing on them.

As mentioned, I learn everything the hard way but I don’t think this should be the case for everyone. I have taken the liberty of sharing my thoughts, stories, opinions, and marketing tips with you even though no one asked… which brings me to my next point.

Did Anyone Ask?


“Madi, shut up.” is something I’ve been hearing most of my life. Therefore, it was the only appropriate name for my blog. I’ve always been pretty comfortable voicing my opinion and if you’re reading this, then it’s at your own risk.

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