I am currently a Recruiting Manager at Riddle & Bloom, an ideas and access company with a focus on the next generation. Our goal at R&B is to provide students marketing experience they can add to their resume before graduating. It is our hope to provide a positive experience for the students that we hire as brand ambassadors and help them learn about the work environment to better prepare them for graduation.

In the last few months of college, I started at TOMIS as a Marketing Designer. My responsibilities included web design, search engine optimization and UX research. I moved up from a Marketing Designer to a Marketing Solutions Manager where I administrated the build and process of ChatBots on top of my previous responsibilities.

As the personal assistant to Kim Shappee, the founder and Chief Shine Officer of The Athena Pack, I was able to work with her directly to develop a social media strategy preparing for the 2021 Summit.

As a bartender and social media coordinator, I assisted in developing the Cambie Taphouse + Coffee brand through graphics and media strategy.

As Vice President of the American Marketing Association, University of Montana Chapter, I was responsible for raising over $8,000 in sponsorships used to send our board to the National Collegiate Conference along with hosting networking events and socials connecting students to businesses in the community.