25 Reasons Montana Is The Last Best Place

montana - last best place

Why Is Montana the Treasure State?

  1. You’ll never meet a stranger.
  2. Montana ranks second in breweries per capita.
  3. The worst traffic you can think of is 19th street in Bozeman, which really isn’t so bad.
  4. A higher-than-average rate of military service.
  5. Two national parks and 55 state parks.
  6. The most erratic college rivalry dating back to 1897.
  7. No sales tax.
  8. Eastern Montana sunsets.
  9. Over 3200 lakes.
  10. Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. yeehaw
  11. Landscapes varying from western mountains to the badlands in the east.
  12. Missoula brewfests.
  13. 4th of July on Flathead Lake.
  14. Ghost towns like Virginia City, Bannack and Garnet.
  15. The Haunted Moss Mansion in Billings.
  16. Brandings being the social event of the year.
  17. Lewis and Clark landmarks.
  18. Saint Patrick’s Day in Butte.
  19. The great big, blue sky.
  20. Richest Hill on earth.
  21. Native American culture.
  22. Wheat Montana holds the Guinness Book of World Record for taking standing wheat and turning it into a “baker’s dozen”.
  23. Weather that always keeps you guessing.
  24. Western traditions.
  25. Beef- It’s what’s for dinner.

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