Um, Are You Wearing Pants?

Working from home is the new norm, but what’s a new skill without a learning curve?

In case you were thinking “Weird, Madi hasn’t embarrassed herself lately.” You’re wrong.

New Job- Who Dis?

I recently started a job ~3 weeks ago as a Marketing Designer. I’ve learned a ton, more in those 3 short weeks than I did in all 4 years of college– yikes. However, the most important lesson I’ve learned in this new job is to always- always check your camera.

Coming out of quarantine where my routine consisted of showering then changing out of my nighttime pajamas into my daytime pajamas, simple things like brushing my hair, have become a real hassle. So in summary, I’m still embracing that homeless look I grew so fond of in my time being stuck at home (ironic, right?).

Because I’m still in the learning phase, I often need to be walked through an assigned project before beginning. Thursday, at 10:00 a.m. I sprinted back to my computer to hop onto my virtual lesson. I clicked the link to join the meeting and hopped over to my working tab to get to it.

Um, Are You Wearing Pants?

~20 minutes into the meeting, after carrying my laptop from my bed to the kitchen table, back to my bed, picking crumbs off my bed, and so on… I started to think. Oh my God- Is my camera on? And when I say think- naturally, I mean to think out loud, even though at that point I knew the answer.

“Yeah. Um, are you wearing pants?” he answered.

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Technically-yes? The best part of working from home is that pants are definitely optional. That being said, I was wearing pants, but they were short little white boxers… that had pencils on them. But because I was in my pajamas, my extremely oversized shirt made it seem as if I wasn’t wearing anything at all.

Let me remind you I’ve only met three of my coworkers in person and this is not really how I wanted to make my first impression. Although it could have been far worse, it’s still embarrassing that I got caught working from home in my boxers.

My Biggest Takeaway

Pants aren’t actually optional and always- always check your camera.

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  1. This is great. I’ve been using a desktop computer with a separate webcam and always unplug at the end of a meeting. That way I’m conscious about when I turn it on.

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