Do Not Open Your Door When Someone Knocks

Working from home has its perks. For example, I am able to work in sweats, hang out with my dog, take cereal breaks, and more. It also means that I am actually home when people knock on my door and that I am therefore obligated to answer. As if people showing up unexpected wasn’t enough, it’s worse when they’re expecting something from you or…. delivering unexpected packages?

If my dog snoring, eating and whining isn’t distracting enough, her barking at the door definitely is. Yesterday in the span of a one hour meeting, two people knocked on my door.

Knock #1

The first person to knock was the THIRD person from the U.S. Census to ask me about my current and previous living situation. I had already spoken with the first person who came around to do so and honestly at this point I’m wondering why they’re so unorganized to be visiting the same area this many times. On top of that, why I had to explain several times that I had completed it and was unable to discuss it at this time because I was sitting in on a call.

Knock #2

The next person to knock was my neighbor. Unlike the tale as old as time where a neighbor might ask to borrow a cup of sugar, he asked if he could heat his food in my microwave because he forgot to pay his power and they shut it off. While answering questions about wordpress plugins, I was also instructing the functionality of my microwave. A new level of being neighborly.

Within a one hour meeting, I had to argue with an older man that I had already filled out the census information and let my neighbor into my kitchen to heat up his food.

But, it gets better.

Knock #3

Around 1 o’clock today I heard the doorbell. Because of the odd events from yesterday, I was hesitant to go see what was waiting at the door, but between the knocking, Phoebe barking, and the fact that I wasn’t trying to listen in a call, I figured I should get it over with.

I make my way to the back door, struggle with the sticky lock, and pop it open to see the UPS man delivering a 30″ standing fan, weighing ~60 lbs. that I… DID NOT ORDER. After accidentally arguing with him (obviously he just delivers packages), I looked closely to verify this fan was addressed to me from Amazon. I checked my order history, checked with my friends and family, we still have no idea where this fan came from.

It must a full moon? Anyways, if someone accidentally sent an extremely large fan my way, it is ready to be picked up. But – more importantly, don’t answer the door when someone knocks.

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