The Best Food Delivery Services During the Pandemic

the best food delivery services that transformed quarantine and how to save money trying them

The best food delivery services during the pandemic resolve two things the American society forgot how to do amid chaos: cooking and shopping. Let’s not forgot the notable toilet paper and grocery shortage to showcase that point.

Listed below are my favorite food delivery services that have allowed me to stress eat from the comfort of my own home.

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HelloFresh solves all first-world problems regarding dinner: the planning, shopping, and portions (quarantine 15 had me in the first half, not gonna lie).

How It Works

You can select up to 6 meals per week with 2-4 servings per meal. Your box will arrive once per week (if you choose) with all ingredients needed to cook the selected meals. The best part? Most ingredients are already measured so it really couldn’t be any easier to create these bomb-ass meals in less than an hour.

HelloFresh Highlights:

  • Diverse meal selection
  • Minimal food waste
  • You get to feel like Gordon Ramsay


Do you hate going to the grocery store or are you lying? As if getting groceries wasn’t bad enough, you’re always bound to run into at least one person you don’t necessarily want to see. Don’t leave it to chance – have your groceries delivered.

How It Works

Instacart partners with several well-known companies including Albertsons, Target, Best Buy, Petco, Costco, Staples, and more. Within Instacart, you select which store you’d like to purchase from, add to cart, and boom – your groceries are delivered to your door.

Instacart Highlights:

  • You get exactly what you want
  • You don’t have to buy enough toilet paper for 6 months because you’re afraid to leave your house
  • No risk running into your ex’s parents at the store

Use code MD56DDD155 to save $10 on your first Instacart order.


Remember when the only food you could have delivered was pizza? That wasn’t the worst time. However, services like DoorDash or UberEats have brought various new opportunity for food delivery. This allows people to support local restaurants without putting anyone at risk at a time where supporting small businesses is more important than ever.

The best food delivery services are the ones where you don’t have to cook (or clean) at all.

the best food delivery services - door dash - most popular local restaurants for delivery

If you’ve had to isolate, then you’re already aware of the weird cravings that come with it. Give in to the cravings and support your neighbors.

DoorDash Highlights:

  • NO cooking
  • NO cleaning
  • Local and chain options

Food Delivery Services

Whether you’ve been in close contact, you’re playing it safe, or if you just don’t want to be around people… you still need to eat. These food delivery services have changed the game. Use the links above to save money and get to snackin’.