Best Patios in Missoula, MT

best patio in Missoula montana

My favorite research project this far… this list was created by extensive research and extremely long tabs by yours truly!

Best Patios in Missoula

1. Finn

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Good food and great views at Finn. Missoula’s Choice agrees that Finn is the best patio in Missoula and it’s no secret why.

The only takeaway is that everyone already knows about it, so expect a minimum of a 45-minute wait. Try to make it here for brunch!

2. Iron Horse

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The Iron Horse patio is one of my favorites in Missoula. The flowers and furniture create a comfortable, secluded atmosphere downtown.

3. Imagine Nation Brewing

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The Imagine Nation patio offers a classic Missoula vibe. It’s scenic, chill and there’s usually a food truck outside.

The biggest win with this patio isn’t the live music or the river views, but the tables. A spill is unavoidable at a brewery and they thought ahead when they installed… a draining system?! Many laps were saved.

4. Top Hat

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New this year– the Top Hat sits in the heart of Missoula, offering a traditional downtown feel. This patio is the perfect place to take in unique Missoula flavors with an unmatched viewpoint for people watching.

5. Highlander

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Ducks and Igloos – Highlander is the only outdoor seating area that can do both. Enjoy a cold beer in the summer or pizza in the winter… in an igloo!

best patios in Missoula - highlander igloo
Highlander Winter Igloo – Highlander Beer Instagram

6. Western Cider

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned around and they were playing corn hole.” -Trenton

The Western Cider patio is your backyard away from home. I don’t know if it’s the staff or the apple trees, but it’s very welcoming and the perfect place to meet for any occasion.

7. Cambie Taphouse + Coffee

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The Cambie patio offers a unique mountain esthetic in the midst of the University District. It sits in its own world, combining a coffee house vibe with a relaxed taphouse scene.

Novels will probably be written here.

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Missoula Outdoor Seating

Nestled at the base of Mt. Sentinel with a river that runs through it, it’s no mystery why anyone would want to sit outside while enjoying their favorite meals in Missoula, MT. The best patios in Missoula combine Montana charm, great drinks, quality food, and Missoula scenery that can’t be beaten. Head to any of these patios for the best outdoor seating west of the Mississippi.

Shout out to the restaurant owners/employees for helping me fill in the images I didn’t have.

Did your favorite patio make the list? If not, add it in the comments below!

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