The Interview

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Spoiler: I was NOT in my finest state.

Fortunately, we had met before. Anyways… here is the story:

I was so excited to hear that I had an interview that I didn’t even take the time to process that it was the day after my 21st birthday. As the day approached, I was convinced I didn’t need to reschedule because it was going to be done over the phone and surely I could pull myself together enough to handle that.

So that morning, as I rolled out of my bed and scrambled for my favorite sweats that I planned on wearing all day, I just happened to check my email (learn from me, that this should be the first thing you do in the morning). And right at the top, I had an email from the woman who had arranged the interview informing me that her manager wouldn’t be able to attend the call and asked if we could meet at a coffee shop instead.

Here are my thoughts at this time: I’ve never done a phone interview, my personality doesn’t translate well over the phone, a coffee shop is a casual setting, and I could definitely use some caffeine.

With no time to shower, I did the best I could with my appearance in the short time I had and headed out the door. Fortunately, my birthday is in the middle of the winter so you can expect dry skin and all of the sorts.

The interview went well and as we sat there and discussed life and whatnot, she had asked how old I was and I had informed her that I had just turned 21 the day before. She had “Oh hell yeah!” out of her mouth before I had even finished and I think things started to quickly add up.

This was the exact opposite of everything the business school had prepared me for. Not only was I embarrassed of the entire situation, but it somehow felt worse when it was in the open. One of my professors had drilled professionalism so far into my head that I was sure I wouldn’t get the job because I had done everything wrong. However, I was offered the position on the spot.

Although it’s not my finest moment, it’s a reminder to be yourself, to be honest, and that whatever is meant to happen will happen. As embarrassing as it was, I had learned that my *new manager* was actually super cool and we were able to build a wholesome and honest relationship from that point on.

Update to today: We go for beers once or twice a month and I would even consider her a friend.

Advice I have for readers:
– You do NOT need to take 21 shots on your birthday.
– Check your email first thing when you wake up.
– Check the dates before agreeing.
& Maybe don’t be honest about it if you are hungover, gauge the situation.

Fast forward to “My Summer In Seattle“.

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