… So I Bought A Dog

Phoebe, The Little Frenchie

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I have wanted a french bulldog for as long as I can remember. There is something about their scrunched up noses, chunky bodies and bat ears that I knew I needed in my life .I waited until I had what I thought was enough time in my schedule before moving forward with buying a dog and when I first got pictures of Phoebe, I knew it was the right time. That being said, I live in an apartment on the third floor so if you have a similar situation, here are some tips:

Puppy Training

Crate training is a must. I purchased the You & Me crate which came with instructions. The first couple of times locking them up are super hard, but it has made both of our lives 1000x easier. I also recommend filling a KONG toy with its peanut butter spray, then freezing it to keep your pup distracted for an hour or so.

The second most important pup purchase was an artificial grass pad that we use to potty train her on our patio. We had to do this because **SPOILER** puppies can’t be outside in heavily populated areas until after they’ve had their shots… at 16 weeks. I know it’s still pretty gross, but it’s much better than any indoor options and it’s the best way to get them used to grass. I highly recommend getting a replacement pad to swap for cleaning.

Next, it’s in your best interest to check out the PetSmart new puppy package. It comes with various coupons, a free training lesson and some pampering. Also if you’re lucky, you might leave with a couple free toys!

If your pup is going through the teething stage and doing a number on your shoes or furniture, this bitter spray is the way to go.

Another company to check out is the Natural Dog Company. Especially if your little one has wrinkles! They have a variety of puppy pampering items like Snout Soother, Wrinkle Balm and Paw Soother.

Then, for funzies, my mom got us Puppy’s 1st Year. This book is such a fun way to record her big accomplishments and notable moments. 🙂

Lastly, I got a lot of her toys and such at Amazon, Petco, and PetSmart, but I recommend checking out your local TJMaxx or Ross to see if you can save money on beds, toys, or sweaters!

I hope this helps with your first puppy!

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