The Best People Come From Small Towns

Small Town, USA -- Terry, Montana

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the people that come from small towns are the absolute best.

They’re not hard to pick out of a crowd. They’re the ones who smile and wave in passing, hold doors for people behind them, and break the silence in a room full of strangers.

Growing up in a small Montana community, a place where 15 minutes meant 15 miles, I learned to appreciate the simple things. Nothing will ever beat the days spent dragging main, floating the river, or summer bonfires.

People that come from larger cities will never understand the bond of a small, close-knit community. They can’t understand that you knew everyone (seriously… EVERYONE) that you graduated with, what kind of car they drove, and their entire family. Nor will they understand the time you got out of a speeding ticket at 12 years old because the HP owed your grandpa a favor.

Sure, there are a few “not so great” things about small towns. For example, your basketball coach was your ex-boyfriend’s mom, and there is only one restaurant within a 20 mile radius. Let’s not forget those people that have a home scanner to keep up on everything that’s happening in town and won’t hesitate to call your parents if they hear your name. Your parents knew what you were doing before you even got home.

The secret behind close-knit communities is that everything gets resolved internally. And by internally, I mean a bunch of locals sipping coffee and solving the world’s problems at their regular place.

If ever there is a crisis, don’t ever underestimate the power of a small-town fundraiser. It is the generosity and selflessness that truly set small town people apart. Regardless of the relationship, members and businesses alike come together to help their neighbors in need. There really is something to be said about having an entire community by your side — whether it’s a high school sporting event or a family emergency, you’re never short on support.

Recently, the Fallon, MT community came together to deliver a 5-year old’s dream of meeting a unicorn before his brain surgery (in case you’re looking for a quick cry).

I’m not saying there aren’t good people in cities, but people really rely on each other in rural areas. This could be because they don’t have AAA, big department stores, or even dependable cell service to bank on in emergencies. From jumper cables to a cup of sugar, you know you won’t have to search very far to find someone willing to help you out (even if the closest neighbor lives 15 miles down the road).

It’s the people that grew up in a small town that exemplify the values of a good neighbor.

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4 thoughts on “The Best People Come From Small Towns

  1. I grew up in Hardin, MT .
    And every one know my grandma’s, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
    My neighbor was a retired school teacher and was caught driving without her license and managed to get out of a ticket, because the officer was her former student.

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