The Summer in Seattle

Bainbridge Island Ferry - Seattle, WA

The summer in Seattle was one for the books. It was the summer of self discovery, a badass internship, exploring the PNW, and most importantly, getting to know some of the greatest people I have ever met.

Coming from a small town in Montana, I was exposed to more culture and diversity in 10 short weeks than I had been my entire life.

From hikes to happy hours. My friends and I did it all. Our days started at the office and almost always ended with a new adventure. We learned to live like the locals and trust me… we were LIVING. Of course we covered all major tourist attractions, like the Fremont Troll, Space Needle, Pike Place, and Kerry Park, but we also discovered local hotspots and refused to stop exploring until we’d seen it all.

And when I say “it all”, I mean until we crossed everything off of our spreadsheet. Because that’s what everyone does, right? Make spreadsheets?

The Highlights?

Molly Moon’s ice cream is the BEST. We were fortunate enough to have one just minutes away from work in Bellevue.

Momji happy hour was a specialty. It was always worth the hour bus ride to Capital Hill.

Sometimes we were even active! Poo Poo Point (seriously– that’s what it’s called) hiking trail was a HIKE, but it led to a paragliding launch pad where we were able to sit and watch ~20 people “chuck off the hill”.

Agua Verde Paddle Club (kayaking + fish tacos + margaritas = what’s there to question?) kayak or paddle board to Gas Works park from the University of Washington and take in the Seattle skyline views. Then of course, treat yourself to fish tacos and margs after.

Alki Beach and Lake Sammamish were our top girl gang destinations and where we could usually be found on a sunny afternoon. Any place we could sip of a few drinks with our toes in the water was where we wanted to be.

Us girls, we learned a lot… from basic corporate office etiquette to which cheese paired best with our $7 Safeway wine. There really is something to be said about going somewhere you don’t know anyone and leaving with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I met some of the most driven, ambitious, and genuine women in my time in Seattle and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

My summer in Seattle was one of the best summers I’ve ever experienced, and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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