My All Time Favorite Quote- Tina Fey Philosophy

Tina Fey Philosophy

In my, and I’m sure many other intellectuals’ opinion, Mean Girls is one of the greatest movies of all time. So it comes as no surprise that my favorite quote comes from Tina Fey herself.

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.”

It’s far too easy to turn down exciting opportunities based on expected complications. It’s even easier to find comfort in our regular routines and shut out opportunity altogether. However, it’s important to do things that make you uncomfortable, or maybe even scare you because it’s almost always worth it.

How does that cliche saying go? Nothing good ever comes easy?


We all have talked ourselves out of once in a lifetime opportunities because of logistical issues, timing, or even laziness because honestly, it’s usually just easier.

Tina’s quote is simple, but it’s a reminder that we really can do whatever we want and to open up to different possibilities. Even if there are 1000 reasons not to do something, you can figure it out if it’s worth it to you.

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