5 Ways To Stay Relevant

5 Ways to Stay Relevant

If Shania Twain wasn’t impressed by a rocket scientist, she surely won’t be impressed that you’re unemployed.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, many are being laid off and up and coming graduates will have to try especially hard to stand out when searching for a job these next few months.

Here are five things you could do to work on your professional profile while in quarantine:

Rebuild your resume. The rule of thumb is to update your resume every three months, but honestly who has the time? Just kidding- right now, we all do. Revisit listed projects and add metrics to showcase your accomplishments. What skills do you have that demonstrate your adaptability?

Write a recommendation on LinkedIn. I know it may seem odd to be rooting someone else along at a time like this, but karma works in circles and it’s important to recognize good work – especially if you can help them out.

While you’re there, update your profile. Similar to our resumes, it can be easy to forget. Update your headshot, validate your contact information and take a few skills quizzes to show what you know.
*Make sure the information matches what you have on your updated resume.

Expand your network and arrange informational interviews. Virtual coffee dates are a thing. Reach out to someone who inspires you or maybe an old classmate to explore what opportunities are out there and what advice they could offer you going into your next step. If anything, this pandemic has exposed us to what industries can adapt and what industries will need to redefine themselves. Use this as an opportunity to explore other careers.

Engage on LinkedIn. Make yourself known. Comment/like other people’s posts and make your presence known.

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