How to Stay Busy When You Don’t Have Any Hobbies

it is what it is

Days have never gone by slower, the world is literally on pause. I’ve included some of my favorite activities to keep people without hobbies (like myself) busy during lockdown.

Because I obviously don’t have any hobbies either, below you’ll find several links to my Pinterest boards.

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are timeless and you can find thousands on the internet… including these ones I found!


Obviously this has crossed your mind, but if you decide you want to bite the bullet, here is a list of 50+ things for you to throw away/donate. Don’t forget to Think Before You Throw

Get Crafty

Now is the time to test some of those DIYS on Pinterest or Facebook. Find creative ways reuse some of the junk you find when you were organizing.

Consider turning old tees into a quilt, make a terrarium out of your old fish bowl, or other random things I have pinned on my Crafty board.

Put Your Green Thumb to the Test

While you might not be able to go purchase any new plants, you could propagate from your existing plants or try gardening with seeds from the food in your kitchen.

Work On Your Professional Profile

Work on those projects that always get looked over such as your resume, LinkedIn and others. [5 Ways to Stay Relevant Professionally]

Virtual Happy Hour

You’re going to let a pandemic stop you from throwing a couple back cocktails and chatting with your pals? Absolutely not. THIS is why we have liquor cabinets, now channel your inner mixologist and utilize modern technology.

Binge Watch Crime Documentaries

For those days you don’t actually want to get off your couch, channel your inner detective and tackle these unsolved mysteries. The Best Crime Documentaries to Binge will have you questioning everyone and everything in your life. And what better way to pass the time?

You Could… Work Out?

Lazy Pig

Notice how this is last on the list. If you’re able to get outside to walk/hike then you have it made. However, if you’re stuck inside I cannot help you.


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