Songs That Make Ya Ass Shake

songs that make ya ass shake

It was a warm, sunny day when we discovered the greatest playlist of all time. Just kidding, it was sometime in February, we had just finished class, and we were somewhere in between our second and third mimosa.

We had initially met to do homework but found ourselves fixated on a playlist we found that consisted of bangers from the early 2000s. After skipping maybe 10 songs, and another mimosa, we came to the conclusion that we could make a better playlist.

After hours and hours (which of course means 40 minutes, tops) of compiling the major hits of the early 2000s along with any song that referenced the laffy taffy, tail feather, or milkshake, the playlist was complete.

For those who don’t know, I was the strategic communications intern for a fairly well-known University, especially in Montana (ha). This meant that I worked directly with University Relations on various social media channels and was often logged into this certain University’s account more often than my own. Sooooo…. when it came time to post this top-notch playlist on my Twitter, it came as no surprise that I was logged into the wrong account.

Let’s not forget the name of this playlist- songs that make ya ass shake– which is maybe not the first choice for University content. If it isn’t the vulgar choice of words, then it’s definitely the poor grammar.

11 seconds and a couple tears later, the tweet was deleted forever. Of course, I had to come clean to my supervisor who was less than impressed, but was fortunate nothing came of it and we were able to carry on as if this had never happened.

One year later, the playlist is still catchy and super inappropriate. I have learned to check, then re-check every time I post anything anywhere, and I have the perfect answer any time someone asks me when I “royally messed up at work”.

Maybe don’t mix media with mimosas.

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