The Social Media Manager’s Toolkit

social media managers toolkit

Everyone is online. Whether it’s a personal or professional profile, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out (let’s be honest- even to keep up).



Anyone who runs a professional social media account understands the frustration when you need a post right now.

Planoly is a platform that allows you to plan Instagram posts, monitor analytics, and build hashtag collections. It has made collaboration and scheduling easier than any other app I’ve used.



Canva is a program that allows you to design graphics for any use. Whether you’re working on an Instagram post, Media Kits, or a Pinterest graphic, they have specific dimensions for any platform. It’s great for people who are unfamiliar with graphic design!



Captionr- Dogs
Captionr | Dogs

Try as one might, you can’t be witty all the time. Captionr is user-friendly, you just type in whatever keyword you’re looking for and it will bring up various captions based on your search. It’s great for when you’re in a pinch and need some inspiration.

The issue with Captionr, however, is that it only works when it wants to.

4. Lightroom


Studies have shown that quality images are far more likely to draw traffic to your social media posts than not. Like most poor college students, I just have the free app, but Adobe Lightroom is an easy editing platform for your images. Here, you can develop and save presets to create a cohesive layout for your profiles.

5. Word Swag


Word Swag is a useful way to add variety to posts, but specifically Instagram stories. I don’t use it very often because you have to pay for several of them, but every now and then it’s worth the investment!

6. Pexels


Pexels is awesome for people like me who have ZERO photographic skills. It’s a site that has free stock photos like the one used in this post’s banner (Thanks, Pexels!).

7. Grammarly


Grammarly is arguably the most important, especially if you write copy. It never hurts to have someone take a second look at your writing. Just copy & paste your caption/blog for a quick check on your grammar and spelling to avoid simple mistakes on your posts.

Update: I recently upgraded to Grammarly Premium and I highly recommend it! Not only does it scan and review my writing, but it also provides more in-depth feedback. Additionally, I suggest getting the Grammarly extension to your browser for faster checks.

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