10 Reasons NOT to Buy A French Bulldog

French bulldogs - 10 reasons not to buy one

French bulldogs are cute, but are they worth the investment? Decide for yourself.

1. You’ll never be able to stop laughing.

Their personalities are unparalleled to any other dog breed. Similar to an English bulldog, they have some ornery traits, but are overall more spunky and will really tolerate most things you put them through.

Also, they look great in overalls.


2. “Alone time” will become a faint memory.

I think this is common amongst most dogs, but with a French bulldog, you will never actually be alone again.

Those long, lonely walks to the fridge in the middle of the night will become a midnight adventure with your little companion.

3. So much for peace and quiet.

Between the gas, the grunting, eating, and snoring… you may never know “quiet” again.

4. The zoomies are constant.

I mean it…. CONSTANT. They never slow down. On the bright side, however, they make for a lot of quality videos.

5. You’ll find yourself throwing parties for their milestones.

First birthdays, half birthdays, random Tuesdays…. it doesn’t even matter. Your dog deserves a toy and a pup cup. Add those to your budget.

6. They are major bed hogs.


7. People will stare.

Oh you haven’t brushed your hair in a week and you’ve been wearing that outfit for 36 hours? No problem, right? You can take your dog around the block.

Wrong. You are can no longer move under the radar – people will always want to stop for some chit chat and puppy loves.

8. They’re expensive.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never had a dog. Although it’s pretty well known that French bulldogs are a little more expensive than most. Spoiler: it doesn’t stop with the initial purchase.

The inside of my apartment looks like a Chewy factory. I find myself spending crazy amounts of money on toys, food and accessories for my dog.

9. You’ll have to buy more storage on your phone.

The amount of photos I have of my dog on my phone is honestly ridiculous. It’s so bad I had to make her own Instagram.

10. I lied – you need a French bulldog.

You will not find a more unique and sweet dog than a French bulldog.

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