Everything You Need to Know Flying with A French Bulldog

flying with a French bulldog

Flying with a dog can be stressful. It sometimes feels that no matter how much research, planning, and preparation, you still run into issues. Here is everything you need to know before flying with your frenchie.

Can You Fly With A French Bulldog

French bulldogs, along with other shortened head or brachycephalic dog breeds, are banned from airlines. These dogs are banned from flying in the cargo area due to potential respiratory issues from high altitudes.

Luckily, because French Bulldogs are typically small enough to fit under the seat, there is a loophole and your frenchie is ready for takeoff.

Being unable to leave your frenchie at home is just another reason Not to Buy A French Bulldog.

Does My Dog Meet the Flying Weight Limit

According to Dogs Travel Guide, the general flying weight is 20 lbs. However, the general rule is that your dog needs to fit comfortably under the seat ahead of you in their carrier. My French Bulldog weighs 24 lbs and rides in an Airline Approved Pet Carrier coming in around ~26 lbs. I have only had one incident where I was told my dog was over their weight limit, but it was on our return flight (too many treats at grandma’s) so we were able to get through.

Note that your dog has to stay in their carrier throughout the whole flight so it’s important that they’re comfortable! The carrier linked below has expandable sides to provide a little extra wiggle room. It’s imperative to crate train in advance to ensure they’re used to being in their carrier.

Notify Airline of Pet Travel

First things first, check to see if your airline allows pets.

Most airlines have a limit on how many pets they allow on each flight. You’ll want to call a few days before your flight to notify the airlines of your pet. Because you can almost always expect to be on hold for several hours, you don’t want to put this off until the last minute.

You’ll be given a confirmation number to present at check-in where you’ll be charged somewhere around $100 each way. Allow a few extra minutes to get through this process.

At the Airport

When going through security, you’ll have to remove any collars/harnesses on your frenchie and send their carrier through the scanners. You’ll carry your dog through the scanner, then they’re either allowed back on their leash or in their carrier.

Look into airport pet policies before flying with your French bulldog. It’s important to check the leash rules along with locating all pet relief areas in advance to avoid any conflict.

Will My Dog Be Okay During the Flight

One word: sedatives.

I checked with my vet before flying with a French Bulldog and asked for sedatives to both alleviate any potty issues and ensure my dog would be relaxed. Because she has flown a few times now, I’ve started to utilize Hemp Treats to ease anxiety.

Am I Ready to Fly With A French Bulldog

I have flown with my French Bulldog, Phoebe, four times, and each time I have faced challenges. You must prepare to be hassled when flying with your dog because you’ll likely need to stand your ground.

If you have the attitude to handle a French bulldog, you have the attitude to get that dog on an airplane.

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