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Cola Eats, one of the newest foodie blogs in South Carolina has entered the chat.

Becoming a COLA Local

In January 2020, I accepted a job in Columbia, SC and made the move from Missoula, MT. Not so shockingly, there were several cultural differences that I’ve had almost two years of maneuvering. One thing that hadn’t changed, though; what many would consider a coffee addiction, my sweet tooth, and the incomparable need to have a drink in my hand at the best patios… essentially all things food and drink.

I’ve always had this unspoken rule that when I go to new places, I try not to eat at any chains to get the full city experience. Moving to a new city, I wanted to make a conscious effort not to get comfortable going to the same grub spots. I went even further with this goal and wanted to try as many places as I could – what better way to hold yourself accountable than posting it on the internet? Never forget – the 30 before 30 list.

In that same notion – the Columbia Foodie, aka, @Cola.Eats was born. This was an easy incentive to meet people, try new things, and maybe even make a few friends in the area. I’m pleased to say it’s helped accomplish all those things as well as a few free meals here and there.

I’m a Montana girl, through and through, but I’ve embraced South Carolina with open arms and I wanted to expand my blog to showcase some of its highlights (including, but not limited to, some of the best happy hours).

Why “Cola”?

Columbia’s nickname became Cola who knows when. The city has really embraced it, naming their local market Soda City and their transit system the Soda Cap.

Cola Eats

From the best salads in Columbia, the best biscuit sandwich probably anywhere, aesthetically pleasing lattes, and more can be found on my profile.

Becoming Cola Eats has allowed me a lot of opportunities to engage with locals, business owners, and, of course, local business owners. I’ve been invited to several new menu testings, soft openings, and community activities. And let’s be honest – getting free food and sharing my opinions is kinda my dream gig.

So friends and family, give another social profile of mine a follow. Locals – feel free to DM me for any food recs in Columbia or the surrounding areas!

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