October R.E.P.O.R.T.

October 2023 r.e.p.o.r.t fall leaves

As October comes to an end, I wanted to start doing end-of-the-month R.E.P.O.R.T.s that consist of what I’m currently Reading, Eating, Playing, Obsessing over, Recommending, and Treating myself to.

Here’s what I was up to in October, 2023…


A Radical Awakening by Dr. Shefali. Barely halfway through, I’ve already recommended this book to 3 women I know. This book is for all the girl’s girls, or anyone who values what life is like through a woman’s lens, and how freeing it is to live authentically, as opposed to fitting into societal expectations (this is a big theme in my life right now in case you hadn’t picked that up).


Poke bowls. The best poke bowl I ever had was in Seattle, because the salmon there was always top-notch, but I recently discovered some good spots in SC. I am hit or miss with raw fish, so lately I’ve been ordering veggie poke bowls. They’re such a good way to get so many vegetables (and fruit because you must add pineapple) in one meal. If raw fish freaks you out, I highly suggest going the veggie route.

The protein is ‘take it or leave it’, but the sriracha aioli is non-negotiable.


Seeing Gary Allan. I recently went to Savannah, as I often do, considering it’s one of my favorite places to visit and is only a couple hours away. The friend I was visiting asked if I wanted to go to the Seafood Festival, as someone who is allergic to shrimp, I couldn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t want to. Upon further research, I learned that Gary Allan was playing at this festival! He’s someone I had wanted to see in concert for years and put on such an amazing show. Over a week later and I’m still riding that high.


All things fall – it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

South Carolina summers can be brutal and remain hot all around the clock, so I am especially excited about the chilly mornings and evenings. Regardless of the 80-degree days that have been sneaking in, it’s still sweater weather and soup season as far as I’m concerned. Fall festivals, fundraisers, Oktoberfest, apple picking… what’s not to love?


I am also obsessed with, and highly recommend a sun catcher! I stumbled upon these at our local market and knew there was no way I was leaving without one. As the days start to get shorter, it’s important to capitalize on the sunshine we do get. The rainbow patterns add such a nice serotonin boost to my day.


I think I mentioned earlier how much I love fall, so I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise I’ve been treating myself to all things pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice lattes in the morning, pumpkin mules and martinis when it makes sense, and any pumpkin sweets anytime I can get my hands on them.

It’s not a flavor, it’s a lifestyle.

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