The Shut Up Madi Mission Statement

For those who have been here from the start, this blog started because I learned everything the hard way, had some laughs, and wanted to share. Because even if the lessons were difficult and stories were cringey, they were still part of my story. I wanted to be transparent about how I got to these places and situations with the good, bad and ugly sides of the stories as opposed to the normalized projection of glorified highlights.

Being transparent and owning the “well shit, it is what it is” mentality gradually became more and more of my personality and why I think people were comfortable around me, knowing I offered a space where people didn’t need to put up a front. As someone who has always felt like I needed to have everything together, all the time, I wanted to create a space for others, in the same boat, who needed that safe space as well.

shut up madi

This blog, Shut Up Madi, was literally based on me wanting to share all of what I had to say. Many situations over the past couple years have made me question whether or not I had any “right” to speak to some of the things I wanted to write about – like giving life advice? Did people care or value what I had to say? Were readers going to judge my content? Or, from the marketing lens – who am I writing to, what is their goal, and what value am I providing, and does it make sense?

Then, I realized – who cares? This is my little corner of the internet and these are the thoughts I want to share. I am grateful for those who have found my blog by searching for topics that are important to me, and I hope those who have stuck around continue to learn from the content I post.

So, please allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Madison, most call me Madi. I’m a recovering people pleaser who is actively learning to prioritize myself through TedTalks, TikToks, and therapy. I’m still laughing at myself and rolling with the punches, but not at the expense of myself. I’m learning what I value, what types of people I want in my life, and the type of person I want to be. I enjoy overpriced coffee, scenic walks, and trying new restaurants wherever I am. I geek out over holistic wellness and sustainable living. Difficult questions with open-minded people fuel my fire.

So, buckle up. I’m back and I have a lot to say.

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