Best Place to Get Pup Cups in Columbia, SC

Look, you don’t have to justify treating yourself to that iced coffee this morning – or this afternoon – or both. You deserve it.

Do you know what pairs well with an overpriced coffee? A scenic walk. And we know who loves walks… So, grab your pup. Here are the best places to get a pup cup with your cappuccino in Columbia, SC.

Azalea Coffee Bar

2700 Devine St Columbia, SC 29205

Tumble outta bed and stumble to – Azalea Coffee Bar. A First Lady for me, a pup cup for Phoebe, and a walk around the Devine Street District humming 9-5 is my definition of a perfect morning.

If you haven’t picked up on the Dolly references, you’ll have to click on the post below. Azalea is a coffee shop that supports, and is supported by other female-led businesses. Their staple drinks are female icon themed, such as the Queen Bee, First Lady, and Mother’s Day. How cute, right?!

Not as cute as their pup cups, where they even wrote Pheeb’s name on it (Starbucks could never). It comes with whipped cream and two little biscuits or milk bones.

The Hideout in WeCo

118 State Street, West Columbia 29169

Paired with the Hideout at WeCo‘s pup cup are their homemade dog treats and head rubs. The staff is always so happy to see dogs come in and Phoebe always gets 1-2 minutes of uninterrupted head rubs, usually while she’s being hand fed treats. This coffee location offers the ultimate puppy princess treatment.

Also, you can throw your dog’s birthday party at Hideout!

Enjoy a walk along the river and the murals along West Columbia, ranked one of the cutest downtowns in South Carolina, after grabbing a coffee – I recommend the Miel. From here, you can explore WeCo, Savage Craft and other dog friendly patios in the area if you or your pup find yourself thirsty after your stroll.

Thirsty Mare

Soda City, Main Street Columbia, SC 29201

Thirsty Mare at Soda City can hook your pup up with an XXL pup cup. There are plenty of treats for your pup to get their paws on at the market, but Thirsty Mare is one of my go-tos so it only makes sense I grab one of these whenever we’re able to beat the rush.

Additional Columbia Locations with Dog Treats

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