I Love You, But You’re Ignorant

I love you but you're ignorant

In a wildly political time, I would like to encourage all of you to take a step back and question your morals.

3 Things That Are NOT Political

  • Climate Change
  • A Global Pandemic
  • Civil Rights

I mention these because they’re often very touchy topics. People will argue that climate change is fake. They will argue that the pandemic is fake, a political ruse. They will argue that white privilege does not exist. These are three things that greatly impact our wellbeing, but are not political. As hard as people try to make them.

Here are my thoughts based on challenging conversations I’ve had recently.

Climate Change

I’m not passionate about much, but I do care about our environment. It was probably that lecture we got in second grade about only having one planet that really stuck with me. But if there’s anything I’ve learned growing up in an agricultural environment, it’s that if you take care of the land it will take care of you. Personally, I’ve always thought this was a simple concept.

Global temperature rise, a warming ocean, ocean acidification, and glacial retreats might not seem that compelling to you, but they’re not matters that should be taken lightly. If you don’t think these affect you, well…. that’s a different problem.

Metronome’s digital clock in Manhattan has been reprogrammed to illustrate a critical window for action to prevent the effects of global warming from becoming irreversible.

Regardless of how you feel about climate change, if you could make small changes every day to better our environment… why wouldn’t you? And why discourage others from trying? I am not here to preach about organic farming or electric cars, but I do encourage you to Think Before You Throw. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, NASA is a pretty good source.

A Pandemic

I will be the first to admit (you should probably follow) that I don’t anything about the COVID-19 virus. I encourage you to admit the same because no one knows what’s going on. Is it a political ruse? Comparable to the common cold? Maybe to the black plague? Who knows.

Maybe we are all fools buying into it, maybe we’re not taking it seriously enough. Regardless of your views on it, people have lost loved ones along with several milestone events and that’s something we need to be respectful of.

Side note – have you ever noticed that people are really quick to disregard the threat of coronavirus until they’re at risk and freak out? Just wondering.

Civil Rights

Black Lives Matter, Feminism, the LGBTQ Community… you name it.

“All Lives Matter”

No shit. That’s the point. The “All Lives Matter” movement is absolute garbage. That’s like crying about deserving a raise that you’ve never worked for.

For all lives to matter, that would mean that we’re equal and that we all have the same freedoms. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Growing up in a majority white community, I have not been exposed to any hardships that black people deal with regularly. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t happening just because it isn’t as big of an issue in Montana. The fact that people feel so threatened by people protesting that Black Lives Matter and that they are equal to white lives, is the exact reason they’re protesting. If you agreed that All Lives Mattered, then you would also be upset.

The LGBTQ Community

I am blessed to say that I have several amazing friends in the LGBTQ community. People who have overcome challenges I could never imagine. I spoke with a friend I went to school with who recently visited our hometown only to have derogatory terms thrown at her by a grown man in a bar about her sexuality. Asking her why she came back to visit as if she didn’t have the right.

My question is; if you’re comfortable enough with your sexuality or relationships then why are you so bothered with someone else’s? Do you think that two heterosexual people who are grossly unfaithful to each other have more of a right to be together than two homosexuals? You’re offended by two men holding hands? Seems weird, right?


A derogatory term used to describe people being compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led. This term is often used to describe millennials following whatever they see on the news, amongst peers, on social media or just following the general masses.

The Media

In this day and age, there are several ways to obtain information. How Americans Get News will report that “More than 6 in 10 Americans say they prefer getting news directly from a news organization compared with any other way.” While others might resort to small groups, trusted advisors, or other people they share values with. The news can sway information any which way and to follow blindly is a dangerous game.

It’s natural – if not encouraged – to change your opinions throughout your life. Your thoughts should shift as you’re exposed to what other people endure. However, if you’re constantly changing your mind because of whatever CNN or FOX has to say on the matter, I love you, but you are ignorant {and a sheeple}.

Additionally, I strongly encourage you to watch the Social Dilemma to see how you’re being manipulated.


I once had an interesting conversation with a professor who came to Montana to study diversity. Obviously, I was very confused considering Montana’s small population with 88.86% white demographics, but he introduced an idea that now seems obvious. He introduced the idea that communities are formed when people want to be close to others with similar thoughts and way of life. I’m sure you’ve heard “small-town minded” when speaking about being close-minded, and this is why. People cling to others with similar mindsets to feel more comfortable about their decided mindset… do you see how this could be problematic when everyone has the same thought and no one is challenged to think otherwise?

Admitting You’re Ignorant

It’s hard and it’s embarrassing. But, it’s better to admit that you were wrong and change your ways than to continue coming off stupid. I know this post will get a lot of backlashes, but before trashing me I would encourage you to look into why this post upsets you.

Ignorance runs deep. Once you live your life a certain way, it’s easy to start to ignore things that challenge your beliefs or make you uncomfortable. I say this both from experience and from the difficult and surprising conversations I’ve had with those close to me.

To say I was stubborn beyond words with my opinions is an understatement. I didn’t think anything would change them until I realized that I had no idea what I was talking about. I say that because I grew up very privileged in a sheltered community. It wasn’t until I spoke with others and saw other ways of life that I realized exactly how sheltered my thoughts were. Acknowledging that there was so much I didn’t know was one of the most challenging things I’ve done, but also the most rewarding. It’s no longer okay to have the excuse that “that’s how we grew up”. You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.

If anything in this post upset you because it challenged your thoughts… I love you, but you are ignorant.

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